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Producing clean desalinated water for drinking and potable applications in offshore oil rigs, ocean bound ships, vessels and yachts is very important during its voyage.


AKRO WATER offers tailored solutions to produce fresh and clean water for drinking and potable applications via AKRO WATER’s range of Marine RO Water Maker, which mainly operates under a wide range of seawater categories. Each tailored unit is complete with pre treatment, post treatment, high pressure pump, membrane RO package, chemical dosing and automatic control panel (as a general standard) to prolong the life of membrane elements. Additionally power generators and treated water storage tanks are also provided with marine systems, as per the client's request.


Sizing is also crucial for such units, as they may have to be accommodated in limited spaces below deck. AKRO WATER specially designs individual units to make sure area and height constraints have been met. Each component and equipment used in marine water systems are thoroughly tested for durability, and only the highest quality rust and corrosion proof equipment and component are used. All units from AKRO WATER are pre-installed and pre-commissioned to effect “plug & play” mode immediately.

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