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AKRO Water’s ultrafiltration system represents a new and pioneering adaptation of spiral wound membrane technology for applications in solids and oil removal. Specifically engineered to allow for backwash, these membranes provide a resilient alternative to hollow fiber systems.


Developed to eliminate the needs for an external tank, AKRO Ultrafiltration system delivers high-quality permeate, with the system having a reduced footprint, higher membrane area, integrated aeration and the ability to rapidly drain solids from the modules between backwashes.


Benefits of Ultrafiltration


- Skid-mounted for ease of installation

- Automated for ease of operation

- Reduced chemical and energy consumption

- Compact footprint

- Modular and expandable design

- Reduced backwash volumes

- Reduced reverse osmosis operating cost




- Pretreatment to Nanofiltration / Reverse Osmosis

- Municipal Drinking Water

- Tertiary Wastewater Filtration

- Industrial Process Water

Ultrafiltration UF Systems

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